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This show aired on December 7th at 8:30 PM EST.

This week the RC Radio Network had it's one year anniversary and a very fun Air Show program with many topics guest and friends plus our cast of regulars including the wisdom of Nut the Squirrel.

The Air Show team had a fun time talking to all of our friends and fans from the past year. See all of the details below as this was a full show. Air Show is very interactive featuring streaming video, live chat and our unique image push technology so you could be part of the action. We covered a lot of breaking RC news and reviewed a few new products as we moved closer to Christmas, see more below.

Show run time scheduled at a little over 1 hour 30 min

This show covered a lot of ground and some of the extras are listed below

More from the TSA following up from our revious weeks show
The Start of the RCRN Game show with several winners of Feather Dusters
A new Full Size Electric aircraft makes it's first hops
Apple does it again with the release of a new product
Many many gift items are shown and discussed
Jack Calls in and tells us about his new movie
Nut the Squirrel shars some wisdom
We hear from Micro Dan and several others who have been on Air Show
Mercury Adhesives Website, Primary sponsor of the RC Radio Network.

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