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This show aired on August 24th at 8:30 PM EST.

This week the RC Radio Network was pleased to have Mr. Mac Hodges and "Bad Bill" Davenport direct from Hodges Hobbies join us on Air Show. If you are into RC at all or if you have ever been to South GA or to SEFF, or to Joe Nall or to many other quality RC events around the country you have most likely heard of the big B-29 and Mac Hodges. If you have been fortunate enough to visit the Hodges Hobbies property and hobby shop in Andersonville GA you might have met the operations Manager Bad Bill Davenport as well.

The Air Show team had a great time talking to Bad Bill about the upcoming Fall Electric gathering at Hodges and Mr. Mac went into a lot of detail about the beginnings and Air Show life of the Big B-29 and X-1, it's equipment detals and it's builders. Our show was very interactive featuring streaming video, live chat and our unique image push technology so you could be part of the action.

The Air show tips and tricks studio team demonstrated the new Hitec/Multiplex Fun Cub which had just been painted. We also followed up on the RCRN giveaway where you can be the proud owner of a new Fun club complete with Plane, Brushless power package and all of the servos too. This is at least a $320 pachage.

You can read more about the Fun Cub contest by clicking here and getting in on the action. No purchace is necessary to enter (or win).

Show run time scheduled at a little over 1 hour 15 min

This show covered a lot of ground and some of the extras are listed below
Great Video of The B-29 flat Spin at Cape Coral
Another Video great footage of the B-29 at SEFF 2009
Mercury Adhesives Website, Primary sponsor of the RC Radio Network.
Krud Kutter New Sponsor of RCRN and a really great product for your home and planes!
People always dream of flying like Superman. See the Jet Rocket man fly formation with two Stearman Biplanes.
Lockheed Martin is having a small SALE!
Fly for Tots hapenning soon
The Beast is released! See the movies here
Warbirds in the fall (nice video)

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