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This show aired on July 13th at 8:30 PM EST.

The RC Radio Network held its first open Mic night.

Our show was very interactive featuring streaming video, live chat and our unique image push technology so you could be part of the action. Our call in lines were open for listners to ask questions of the Air Show Studio team.

During this show we received a call from David Harrison company President of Model Solutions out of Canada. Model Solutions is one of the foremost producers of aircraft (and other) sound systems. It was a pleasure to have David join us on Open Mic Night.

The Air show tips and tricks studio team continued to share ideas as we talked about and and demonstrated some cool new products including the new E-flite LR-1A Pogo. We also continued with our third Tips and Tricks Millennium RC Micro SSX Plane giveaway promotion. All you have to do to enter is to post a tip or trick pertaining to RC in our community forum. You can read more about this ongoing contest by clicking here.

Show run time scheduled at a little over 1 hour

This show covered a lot of ground and some of the extras are listed below
Great Video of a pilot doing an in air transfer from one sailplane to another.
A promotional video for the Sept 2010 Warbirds over Atlanta, (check out this video)
Mercury Adhesives Website, Primary sponsor of the RC Radio Network.
Model Solutions Sound systems for all of your electric planes, Boats, Tanks and Guns
EAA Airventure 2010 promotional Video (very cool!)
A call out to the EV Flyers of Henderson NV.
A new edition of the Electric Flyer E-magazine is out (check it out).
We talked about some new Unmanned drones by Aero Viroment.

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