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This show aired on June 15th at 8:30 PM EST.

The RC Radio Network was happy to have “The Bruce” himself as our special guest this week on Air Show. During this show we discussed the latest world and regional RC news, reviewed the latest RC products and this week got to pick the brain of one of the worlds foremost DLG soaring pilots Bruce Davidson.

Our show was very interactive featuring streaming video, live chat and our unique image push technology so you could be part of the action. Our call in lines were open to ask questions of the Air Show Studio team and "The Bruce".

This is the second year of “The Bruce”, with 76 registered pilots  from 19 states and 4 countries.
Just how did this contest get to be the biggest in the USA in only 2 years? What should a first timer expect? Are the bugs really that big? What’s up with the big cock? Do all of the neighbors in Kentucky really have guns? What’s up with the Asses on the field and do DLG pilots really wear pink ruffles while climbing trees?

Down load the podcast for the answers to these and much more.

This was a very interactive and informative show and with your help it set the stage for a great weekend of soaring during "The Bruce" DLG contest which starts 06-19-2010.

Also during this show the Air show tips and tricks studio team continued to share ideas as we talked about and and demonstrated some cool new products. We also started our third Tips and Tricks Millennium RC Micro SSX Plane giveaway. All you have to do to enter is to post a tip or trick pertaining to RC in our community forum. You can read more about this ongoing contest by clicking here.

Show run time scheduled at a little over 1 hour 20min

We went over a lot of Fathers day goodies
The new Parkzone Sukhoi SU-26
The new $89 Champ (lots of fun)
The Spektrum Recall of the AR6250
And lots more

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