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This show aired at 8:30 PM EST on June 1st. During this weeks show we reviewed the latest RC products and world events. We were excited to to have Mark and Trish Carew from Phlat Boyz join us to show and tell aboout the Phlat Printer and the new Phlat former. We also had a revire of the Mid-South Soaring championships in Tullahoma Tn.

During this show the Air show tips and tricks studio team continued to share ideas as we talked about and demonstrated the Phlat Former and the new Blade MCX2 Helicopter with Cliff taking it for a flight in the studio. We also got ready to give away our second Tips and Tricks Millennium RC Micro SSX Plane. All you have to do to enter is to post a tip or trick pertaining to RC in our community forum. You can read more about this ongoing contest by clicking here.

This was a very interactive and informative show. There were many on the live chat during the show which can be reviewed by clicking the link below. As always we had streaming Video with 4 different live cameras and were able to play some movies showing the happennings at Joe Nall during the program.

The community discussion board is still open for post show comentary so post your post show feedback and ideas for future shows.

Other topics discussed during the show
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Mercury Adhesives, Millennium RC,
Tips and Tricks, The new Blade MCX2 Helicopter
Tips and Tricks, Demo of the Phlat Boys Phlat Former
Newest RC Discussion board Xtream Flyer
AMA National Electric Fly-In
China Labor issues and the hobby industry
Blue Wonder Aircraft in Park Flyer Magazine
Click here to see the Phlatformer in action
Click here to see the Phlatprinter in action

Show run time a little over 1 hour

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