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This show aired at 8:30 PM EST on March 30th. We reviewed the latest RC products and world events dealing with Radio Control.

On this show we were excited to have Stephen Thomas from Steves hobby Hanger and the USA importer of the fine quality Xoar propellers live with us.

Xoar has over 40 years experience in designing, manufacturing and testing propellers for hobby applications. Combining the experience and modern technology through relentless operation and quality control, we are able to produce one of the finest propellers in the industry.

During this show the Air show tips and tricks studio team continued to share ideas as we talked about and demonstrated the latest RC products and ideas.

This was a very interactive and informative show. Propellers are a necessity in the Airplane hobby world but sometimes are a little bit of a mystery. Stephen gets us up to speed on how a propeller really work and help us understand what seperates Zoar apart from other tyes of propellers.

We are also heard from you during the show via our chat and call in phone lines and the community discussion board is still open for post show comentary so post your post show feedback and ideas for future shows.

Other topics discussed during the show
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Mercury Adhesives, Millennium RC, Model Solutions of Canada,
Tips and Tricks, All about CA Glue
Flying UAVs in Iraq
Donatas Pauzuolis wins German Open
JR 11X official release
Hanger 9 Twin Otter
Finger Lakes Swap meet
DLG/F3K in York South Carolina
RCRN official music provider of SEFF 2010
RCRN broadcasting live at Toledo
Xoar prop count contest announcement.

Show run time about 1 hour 20 min

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