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This show aired on March 19th 2013 at 8:30 PM EST.
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Summary Information

This week the RC Radio Network was broadcasting live from the Mercury Studios and covered many topics with a studio full of our cast of regulars! Tonight We talk with one of the Wrong Brothers (Ian Scott) about the numbers, telemetry is the subject and we look at most of the offerings on the market today. Also a review of the new Multiplex Razzor!

Show run time about 1 hour.

This show covered a lot of ground and some of the extras are listed below
World news
Take a tour of the National Museum of the Air Force.
We get an iteractive inside look at the SPAD X111 and the F117A(very cool)
Hobby industry is Hiring
Sky Flash, Just what is this lad up to (video)
Icarus Cup Human Powered aircraft
Graupner goes belly up Chapter 11, the end of great supplier
David gives a flight review of the new Multiplex Razzor Lots of talk about numbers and telemetry, Ian Scott
Mercury Moments
Events and more

USA made Mercury Adhesives and Atlanta Hobby are the the Primary sponsosr of the RC Radio Network with special thanks to Greg, Larry and David.

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