[19/11/13 18:56:11] [Cloudsplitter] Howdy folks!

[19/11/13 18:56:55] [JimT.] Hidy do

[19/11/13 18:59:05] [Host] Evening everyone

[19/11/13 18:59:19] [JimT.] I'm over here looking at high powered 5.8 transmitters

[19/11/13 19:01:37] [JimT.] Birdman

[19/11/13 19:01:42] [Radiobirman] Hey Jim T

[19/11/13 19:02:01] [JimT.] I've been doing BB King research, pretty sure he is only playing 4 strings

[19/11/13 19:02:09] [JimT.] (notes)

[19/11/13 19:02:12] [Cloudsplitter] Cool Jim, souinds like fun!

[19/11/13 19:02:36] [Radiobirman] You need more than 4?

[19/11/13 19:02:59] [JimT.] evidentally BB only needs 2 strings and four positions

[19/11/13 19:06:38] [Cloudsplitter] I hope an app for RCRN comes out for Apple and Android. Great music selections...!

[19/11/13 19:07:08] [Cloudsplitter] Would really like to listen at work.. but can't on the company computers....sigh...

[19/11/13 19:07:49] [Radiobirdman] I get the big chair today

[19/11/13 19:08:02] [JimT.] does that mean you get the dog too?

[19/11/13 19:08:57] [JimT.] handsome guy there

[19/11/13 19:09:32] [Radiobirdman] Haven't seen the dog

[19/11/13 19:09:39] [JimT.] Crash!

[19/11/13 19:10:01] [Cloudsplitter] CRASH!

[19/11/13 19:10:06] [Crash] Hey there, JT!

[19/11/13 19:10:12] [Crash] And Buck!

[19/11/13 19:10:18] [Crash] And everyone else! :D

[19/11/13 19:10:22] [Radiobirdman] Crash!

[19/11/13 19:10:45] [Crash] Towner! How's my fellow radio personality/tall guy?

[19/11/13 19:11:42] [Radiobirdman] Unbelievable! We've got a little field issue. Looks like Georgia Model Avviators might be losing their flying site!

[19/11/13 19:12:15] [Crash] Oh, no!

[19/11/13 19:13:09] [Radiobirdman] Need all hands on deck, we will be presenting a letter writing campaign, need all of the friends of the Crash Cast and Jim T to help.

[19/11/13 19:13:27] [Cloudsplitter] That's terrible! I'm up in the 40's to join... sigh...

[19/11/13 19:14:05] [Crash] By all means, get me the dope on it so I can bring it up on my show tomorrow night!

[19/11/13 19:14:10] [Cloudsplitter] Will that be discussed tonight? Might help to mobilize. Though not a member yet, I really like the site and folks I've met there...

[19/11/13 19:14:18] [Radiobirdman] Will do.

[19/11/13 19:14:21] [JimT.] Lets get Dave Mathewson in there too

[19/11/13 19:15:08] [Radiobirdman] Thanks Fella's, we will be there for anyone who needs us.

[19/11/13 19:16:45] [JimT.] Maybe it's time for the Atlanta Hobby field

[19/11/13 19:16:53] [Butch in NC] Hello all!

[19/11/13 19:17:14] [JimT.] Hey Butch!

[19/11/13 19:17:37] [Butch in NC] I managed to remember to tune in tonite.

[19/11/13 19:18:00] [Radiobirdman] Yay Butch!

[19/11/13 19:18:21] [Butch in NC] Yeah... getting old sucks.

[19/11/13 19:18:30] [Butch in NC] ... but what ya gonna do?

[19/11/13 19:19:50] [Butch in NC] Anyone flying anything new?

[19/11/13 19:20:30] [Cloudsplitter] Beats the alternative... :D

[19/11/13 19:22:01] [Thorvald] How about something old... traded my Ar.Drone for a nice Thunder Tiger Raptor 50V2 :-)

[19/11/13 19:22:34] [Butch in NC] Thunder Tigers... nice stuff!

[19/11/13 19:23:30] [Thorvald] I'm pretty floored, only ever seen flybarless heli's.... this thing is all mechanical mixing! Engineering marvel.

[19/11/13 19:24:34] [rcdude07] man, i still have my 450xl

[19/11/13 19:25:02] [Butch in NC] I'm working on an Align 600N here, but I have a Dinosaur sitting on a shelf here... ever hear of a Schulter HeliBoy?

[19/11/13 19:25:23] [rcdude07] not flying it yet. but i picked up an Axe 100 CP demo unit during hobbico's giveaway

[19/11/13 19:25:40] [rcdude07] and in the mean time i'm still building my TF P-40E gold edition kit

[19/11/13 19:25:49] [Thorvald] Woah heard of Schulter but not that model, no gyro or mechanical gyro back then?

[19/11/13 19:26:26] [Butch in NC] Nope, none of that fancy stuff. The HeliBoy came out in the mid-70's.

[19/11/13 19:26:29] [Thorvald] (I totally missed RC Helis back in the 70's/80's... catching up on my missed childhood lol).

[19/11/13 19:26:43] [Thorvald] Must be a handful to fly!

[19/11/13 19:27:07] [Butch in NC] 60 power nitro... fixed pitch. Yeah it was a handful.

[19/11/13 19:27:21] [Joshbiz] Hello guys!!

[19/11/13 19:27:33] [Host] Evening guys

[19/11/13 19:28:51] [Radiobirdman] Ian

[19/11/13 19:28:52] [Crash] Hey guys! Check this out... http://twitpic.com/dlvrav/full

[19/11/13 19:29:04] [Crash] Mini FPV project is almost complete!

[19/11/13 19:29:20] [ids] hi larry!

[19/11/13 19:29:24] [JimT.] We sold this heli at Hobby Lobby back pre brushless. It was quite a thing.

[19/11/13 19:29:27] [Exponential] Cute

[19/11/13 19:29:36] [Crash] If this proto works as good as I think it will, the next one will be out of G10

[19/11/13 19:29:58] [brumas] jeff you here

[19/11/13 19:30:02] [JimT.] I like it! I'm looking for a real FPV quad for busting around

[19/11/13 19:30:08] [Thorvald] Thanks Butch, I'll have to goggle that monster :-)

[19/11/13 19:30:27] [Exponential] :)) Film yourself chasing the pug around the housw

[19/11/13 19:30:54] [Cloudsplitter] That's awesome Crash! Very cool build!

[19/11/13 19:31:20] [Thorvald] Did you get a Taranis yet Crash? I'm programming mine tonight for my Raptor Heli.

[19/11/13 19:31:22] [Crash] I'm down to the part I've been dreading - rewiring the ESC's (shortening wires and such). Ugh!

[19/11/13 19:31:43] [Crash] Not yet, Thor. They always seem to be out of stock LoL

[19/11/13 19:32:01] [Thorvald] Loving the capabilities of this thing, I have it beep when my throttle is mid stick and throttle hold is on... perfect to get that auto just right.

[19/11/13 19:32:09] [JimT.] I'm looking for a lightweight low dollar OSD for my Phantom

[19/11/13 19:32:20] [Exponential] I didn't like removing the enamel from the wires. They never solder right afterwards.

[19/11/13 19:32:26] [JimT.] nice intro!

[19/11/13 19:32:27] [Joshbiz] Hey Dave how are you

[19/11/13 19:32:41] [Thorvald] Is the intro choppy for everyone else?

[19/11/13 19:32:50] [term_paint] not here

[19/11/13 19:32:55] [JimT.] yes but the show look bueno

[19/11/13 19:32:56] [Crash] I don't know if there is a low dollare system for the Naza-based systems, JT. If you find one let me know! I want to put one on my Flip FPV

[19/11/13 19:33:01] [Butch in NC] JimT - I just bought a OSD for my Phantom.

[19/11/13 19:33:05] [denny in Iowa] At a standstill for me.

[19/11/13 19:33:11] [Thorvald] Woah lookout new soundman!

[19/11/13 19:33:12] [JimT.] which one?

[19/11/13 19:33:26] [Butch in NC] Let me look....

[19/11/13 19:34:02] [Exponential] Looks taller.. not as handsome, though.

[19/11/13 19:34:08] [Thorvald] Bahahaha

[19/11/13 19:34:10] [denny in Iowa] If your player is stuck like mine was, press pause, then play.

[19/11/13 19:34:16] [Thorvald] He's also too sober ;-)

[19/11/13 19:34:42] [Butch in NC] EzODS by ImmersionRC

[19/11/13 19:34:45] [Thorvald] Give Larry some moonshine ;-)

[19/11/13 19:35:08] [Butch in NC] EzOSD

[19/11/13 19:35:38] [JimT.] How you liking it?

[19/11/13 19:35:48] [term_paint] where is Katana

[19/11/13 19:36:00] [Butch in NC] It's nice. Also allows me to input my amateur radio callsign.

[19/11/13 19:36:12] [JimT.] BAH

[19/11/13 19:36:53] [Butch in NC] ... or name.

[19/11/13 19:37:20] [JimT.] Butch I'm also looking at the Immersion 600mw 5.8 tx

[19/11/13 19:37:33] [Crash] Dude! I had GI Joe with the King Fu grip! LoL

[19/11/13 19:37:44] [Butch in NC] I'm using that same transmitter. Nice.

[19/11/13 19:37:54] [JimT.] I had the Evil Knieval action figure and motorcycle

[19/11/13 19:38:01] [Crash] BEST TOY EVER!

[19/11/13 19:38:09] [JimT.] wheelies baby

[19/11/13 19:38:13] [Crash] I beat the heck out of TWO of those LoL

[19/11/13 19:39:26] [Bubba] I want a close up of the plane above your toilet!

[19/11/13 19:39:34] [rcdude07] no tcl'ing allowed

[19/11/13 19:39:49] [Cloudsplitter] Glad to hear things are expanding!

[19/11/13 19:40:14] [Butch in NC] Casper?

[19/11/13 19:40:21] [Thorvald] Pac-Man without colour :-)

[19/11/13 19:40:28] [rcdude07] facebook is tryign to buy snapchat

[19/11/13 19:40:42] [rcdude07] and there are already sites for "leaked" snapchat pictures

[19/11/13 19:40:50] [rcdude07] just like 10 minute emails?

[19/11/13 19:42:01] [rcdude07] ads

[19/11/13 19:45:28] [weathervane] What up everyone?

[19/11/13 19:45:33] [JimT.] oh yeah!

[19/11/13 19:45:39] [term_paint] I would take the cash

[19/11/13 19:45:57] [rcdude07] gaga is already doing stunts. first flying dress (huge quadcopter)

[19/11/13 19:46:12] [Butch in NC] Where's the dog?

[19/11/13 19:46:16] [Thorvald] Virgin flight? Am I the only one giggling ;-)

[19/11/13 19:46:18] [weathervane] I just saw the rocket launch from VA.

[19/11/13 19:46:21] [rcdude07] katana is home butch

[19/11/13 19:46:29] [rcdude07] doesn't fit in the harley

[19/11/13 19:46:45] [Butch in NC] Damn... I missed the launch!

[19/11/13 19:46:57] [weathervane] it was cool.

[19/11/13 19:46:58] [Cloudsplitter] If Dream Chaser is proven, that might be better. It's based on a proven design.

[19/11/13 19:47:10] [Desert Dog] He is in space

[19/11/13 19:47:25] [rcdude07] last get together of surviving b-25s too

[19/11/13 19:47:39] [Butch in NC] Kantana... good dog name!

[19/11/13 19:47:48] [Cloudsplitter] The independent "feathering" booms bother me if it isn't fail safe, or many redundant systems.

[19/11/13 19:48:13] [Cloudsplitter] Amazing, brave feat...

[19/11/13 19:48:27] [denny in Iowa] The Chinese people paid heavliy for this, however. Tens-of-thousands murdered in retaliation.

[19/11/13 19:49:18] [rcdude07] olympic flame never gets put out

[19/11/13 19:49:25] [rcdude07] stays burning 24/7

[19/11/13 19:49:33] [JimT.] ooooooo

[19/11/13 19:49:48] [weathervane] Oh yea. I saw that lastst week.

[19/11/13 19:49:53] [JimT.] want it

[19/11/13 19:50:16] [Crash] AirHogs go into battle. LoL

[19/11/13 19:50:38] [Cloudsplitter] Yep, I think you're right Crash...

[19/11/13 19:50:56] [Cloudsplitter] I wonder how long the battery is good for...

[19/11/13 19:51:29] [Thorvald] Load it up with a chunk of C4 and then we have something handy against the snipers...

[19/11/13 19:51:39] [Butch in NC] Battery is only good until a bullet hits it.

[19/11/13 19:52:23] [weathervane] LOL

[19/11/13 19:52:27] [Dave] But try to hit it with one shot.

[19/11/13 19:52:50] [Radiobirdman] Shotgun, 7 1/2 shot

[19/11/13 19:52:59] [JimT.] a large fan

[19/11/13 19:53:15] [Butch in NC] It wouldn't surprise me if the bad guys are developing a micro SAM.

[19/11/13 19:53:21] [JimT.] lol

[19/11/13 19:53:27] [JimT.] I still want one with goggles

[19/11/13 19:53:28] [rcdude07] emp is all they need now

[19/11/13 19:53:29] [Dave] Wind is a killer

[19/11/13 19:53:44] [JimT.] I think the desert it pretty windy

[19/11/13 19:54:44] [rcdude07] but will it 3d?

[19/11/13 19:55:02] [weathervane] Will they be at SEFF????????

[19/11/13 19:56:33] [weathervane] With 20 weeks to go. They are running out of time.

[19/11/13 19:56:44] [Mousedriver] Watch this video from the TED Talks:

[19/11/13 19:56:51] [Mousedriver] http://ted.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=07487d1456302a286cf9c4ccc&id=e6e8c911b1&e=eae19d21a2

[19/11/13 19:56:52] [rcdude07] fms models p-51 demo team

[19/11/13 19:56:59] [rcdude07] they posted that on their FB page recently

[19/11/13 19:58:11] [Mousedriver] Stone mountain

[19/11/13 19:58:36] [weathervane] I can trade some JAR for a few props... LOL

[19/11/13 20:00:10] [rcdude07] looks like a transformer G1 alt mode

[19/11/13 20:01:09] [Butch in NC] Gotta luv the high heels!

[19/11/13 20:01:13] [weathervane] Whats the weight limit on that????

[19/11/13 20:01:27] [JimT.] safe

[19/11/13 20:01:32] [Crash] I bet we're BOTH too heavy for that, vane

[19/11/13 20:01:43] [Exponential] Nissan Leaf of the heli industry

[19/11/13 20:02:05] [weathervane] Yea, I think so. How ya doing tonight Mike?

[19/11/13 20:02:23] [Crash] Good! Just playing Quads while listening in. :)

[19/11/13 20:02:45] [weathervane] Cool. I love your new micro woody.

[19/11/13 20:02:46] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]You can have a Rotorway built and flying for that much money.[/c]

[19/11/13 20:02:54] [denny in Iowa] A fitting successor to Little Nellie!

[19/11/13 20:02:58] [weathervane] That did not sound right,

[19/11/13 20:03:42] [JimT.] that is cool and frightening

[19/11/13 20:03:57] [weathervane] yea it is.

[19/11/13 20:04:02] [Butch in NC] Hunting season!

[19/11/13 20:04:05] [JimT.] needs a set of horns

[19/11/13 20:04:21] [weathervane] and a sadle.

[19/11/13 20:04:26] [Thorvald] Cool it's Nitro! Does it run on 30%?

[19/11/13 20:04:35] [JimT.] can you imagine riding that at SEFF

[19/11/13 20:04:52] [aeromechanic] Cool

[19/11/13 20:04:53] [weathervane] Oh yea. That would be fun.

[19/11/13 20:04:53] [Thorvald] 7.62 preferred! lol

[19/11/13 20:05:03] [Butch in NC] JimT - What camera are you using on your Phantom?

[19/11/13 20:06:11] [rcdude07] if you're looking save $$ on your cell phone bill to spend more on the hobby, check out republic wireless.

[19/11/13 20:06:29] [rcdude07] we're making the switch, and if you want to switch, i can give you a link to save 19.00

[19/11/13 20:06:36] [JimT.] uh oh

[19/11/13 20:06:44] [Cal's Kid] I heard that Larry ;-P

[19/11/13 20:07:04] [Cal] Be nice, Larry

[19/11/13 20:07:25] [Cloudsplitter] Sounds like Korey's adventure trying to retrieve a floatplane...

[19/11/13 20:07:44] [weathervane] OUCH....

[19/11/13 20:07:51] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]Hogan's Heroes on Me TV haven't see that show in years.[/c]

[19/11/13 20:08:14] [Butch in NC] Hogan!

[19/11/13 20:08:19] [rcdude07] i know nothing!

[19/11/13 20:08:20] [JimT.] I almost just typed that - ha

[19/11/13 20:08:38] [JimT.] it's good stuff

[19/11/13 20:08:56] [weathervane] Hell, I'm still using RF3.5

[19/11/13 20:09:21] [rcdude07] still running 5.5. my 18mnth has broken elevator/aileron contact so i have to take it apart about every time to fly on teh sim

[19/11/13 20:10:30] [Cloudsplitter] I like the new feature where you can use your own transmitter on RF7...

[19/11/13 20:10:36] [Dave] 3.5 wow

[19/11/13 20:11:22] [weathervane] Yup, 3.5

[19/11/13 20:11:24] [Butch in NC] I thought most of the versions of RF included cables for connections to real transmitters.

[19/11/13 20:12:08] [Joshbiz] Hey Dave how are you!!

[19/11/13 20:12:29] [Desert Dog] Desert Dog leaving the room

[19/11/13 20:13:22] [Exponential] butch: They do, it's clunky. I really expected a bluetooth approach, or a repeater that picks up your TX's output and replicates it in the game input port.

[19/11/13 20:13:24] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]Thanks to the GDNR and Georgia State Parks, check out our flying site at www.flintflyers.com [/c]

[19/11/13 20:13:49] [Cloudsplitter] I only know about the Futaba connector since the included Tx looked like an empty Futaba box. But not sure it worked with an active Tx directly. The new one has an adapter box that can work with all brands from what I understand.

[19/11/13 20:13:50] [rcdude07] simstick has been out there for a long time

[19/11/13 20:13:59] [weathervane] I gotta run guys. My son goes in for surgery tomorrow morning. SEFF 2014 in 19 weeks.

[19/11/13 20:14:04] [rcdude07] just bind a spare RX with that connected to the interlink

[19/11/13 20:14:13] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]See Ya WV[/c]

[19/11/13 20:14:16] [Cloudsplitter] It would be nice to have bluetooth or wifi...

[19/11/13 20:14:30] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]Good Luck![/c]

[19/11/13 20:15:14] [Butch in NC] later Weathervane

[19/11/13 20:15:39] [Exponential] RCDude, you have a reference to the pin connections?

[19/11/13 20:15:46] [Cloudsplitter] Simstick Pro was one way to do it before...

[19/11/13 20:15:58] [rcdude07] http://www.simstick.co.uk/

[19/11/13 20:16:05] [Mousedriver] Why does the council want you to leave in 2015?

[19/11/13 20:18:13] [Exponential] Thanks, at $55 or so it's cheaper that the RF upgrade.

[19/11/13 20:18:23] [JimT.] did he say whoopedeedoddle?

[19/11/13 20:20:03] [Cloudsplitter] Not sure about latency... might be worth researching...

[19/11/13 20:23:10] [Mousedriver] Again, why does she want GMA out?

[19/11/13 20:25:06] [rcdude07] because she's like most who don't understand.know the hobby

[19/11/13 20:25:19] [Cloudsplitter] Sounds like corruption to me...

[19/11/13 20:25:51] [Thorvald] What the heck? She should be turfed.

[19/11/13 20:26:27] [Roy in WV.] Sounds like Mingo County, WV corruption!!!

[19/11/13 20:26:33] [Cloudsplitter] Follow the money... follow the friends of the board members.... been in this situation before... doesn't always end well.

[19/11/13 20:28:28] [Cloudsplitter] Sounds like ethics rules need to be rewritten, but it's too late for GMA sadly...

[19/11/13 20:28:33] [rcdude07] out going gov'ner of NC tried to buy Dorthea Dix property to turn into a destination park

[19/11/13 20:28:54] [rcdude07] happens everywhere. corruption is sadly the "norm" these days

[19/11/13 20:30:01] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]I have an old McCoy 35 that I can fire up if you want some noise for him.[/c]

[19/11/13 20:30:40] [rcdude07] land scarcity is our biggest problem to fly anything bigger than a micro plane

[19/11/13 20:31:06] [rcdude07] hh was smart to claim the micro market

[19/11/13 20:32:43] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]Da@#@$ carpet baggers.[/c]

[19/11/13 20:32:48] [Mousedriver] Does GMA have legal representation?

[19/11/13 20:33:01] [Dave] yes

[19/11/13 20:33:11] [rcdude07] the problem we have are the few bad apples. those rogue pilots, especially those that post the stupid videos. *cough cough* no names mentioned

[19/11/13 20:34:39] [denny in Iowa] Ask those folks to write letters of recommendation, commendation.

[19/11/13 20:35:14] [Dave] We have a letter program going

[19/11/13 20:35:14] [rcdude07] council people and those in charge of boards are stupid these days. another example: wake co. nc, school board. no grades lower than a 50 and can't turn away late work from a student anymore

[19/11/13 20:35:58] [rcdude07] hrmm. write a simple script to use a 10 minute email, and fire the emails off with the emailbot

[19/11/13 20:36:38] [Cloudsplitter] I like that idea!

[19/11/13 20:36:51] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]Post on RCRN forum.[/c]

[19/11/13 20:37:18] [rcdude07] mythbusters did pumpkin chunking last year and two years ago

[19/11/13 20:39:36] [mudman1959] One of out township leaders loaned a grass strip to a local club where I live and a neighbor close to the field complained about the noise of the RC planes but never complained about his real airplane. She was a bit higher in the pecking order of the local government and long story shortened... We lost the field. The club now only flies at a field almost 25 miles away now...

[19/11/13 20:40:28] [Radiobirdman] Pete Amos, rjamos@fosythco.com; Brian Tam, brtam@forsythco.com; Todd Levent, tlevent@forsythco.com; Cindy Mills, cjmills@forsthco.com; Jim Boff, jjboff@forsythco.com.

[19/11/13 20:40:35] [mudman1959] Needless to say I no longer fly club...

[19/11/13 20:40:36] [Radiobirdman] Thanks Y'all

[19/11/13 20:41:18] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]Post on the RCRN Forum Larry[/c]

[19/11/13 20:41:51] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]Remember to Support you Local Hobby Shop and the RCRN !!! [/c]

[19/11/13 20:42:09] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]???????????????[/c]

[19/11/13 20:42:28] [rgaynor] Good show guys - thanks Cliff and gang for your support of our field

[19/11/13 20:43:03] [Joshbiz] no DX9 giveaway?

[19/11/13 20:43:12] [Butch in NC] Take care all.

[19/11/13 20:43:39] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]Happy Thanksgiving To ALL!!![/c]

[19/11/13 20:43:41] [ids] thanks guys, great show, everyone keep your fingers crossed for GMA!

[19/11/13 20:44:48] [Host] Thanks for hanging out with us guys and gals!

[19/11/13 20:44:50] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]Maybe see ya Friday Host.[/c]

[19/11/13 20:45:10] [Skynut] [c=#353cc4]Good night[/c]