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The RC Radio Network Giveaway
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No purchase is ever necessary to win!

Our goal is to operate the best radio station we possibly can by playing great tunes and offering up educational programming via our Air Show program that focus on hobbies and world events. We are working hard to be a service to our community and to do our part to change the world using our unique platform.

RCRN is a member supported station, our programming is always free however your monthly support enables us to continue to broadcast and devote our energy towards making RCRN the best possible station. If you think our programming is worthwhile we ask for donations to help offset our out of pocket operational expences. Each donation also enters you in our monthly giveaway with many prizes.

We do understand that contributing money is just not an option for some and that is fine, there is never any fee charged to listen to our content nor is there any fee to enter our monthly giveaways (click the rules link below to see the details).

Each and every donation received counts towards our operational cost and giveaways! We want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed so generously in the past. We are working hard and simply could not operate RCRN without your support. You can click here to be taken to the official giveaway rules.

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Five (5) Donation/Entries
Twenty (20) Donation/Entries
Fifty (50) Donation/Entries
One Hundred (100) Donation/Entries
Monthly Support to RCRN and never mis a giveaway automatically entering each month.
Ten (10) Monthly Donation/Entries Recurring
Twenty (20) Monthly Donation/Entries Recurring
Fifty (50) Monthly Donation/Entries Recurring

Many thanks to, Atlanta Hobby, Mercury Adhesives,UAV and all of our listners for help with our monthly giveaways.

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